Intro to Guest Week

I think the unpleasantly distorted book in the first panel is one of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, which I was reading around this time. I never got past volume three, though.

I really like Helen’s jelly bracelets in the third panel, so it’s a shame I forgot to draw them for the rest of the strip. No wonder the characters wanted to get rid of me. It must be annoying to live in a universe with no quality control.

10 thoughts on “Intro to Guest Week

  1. Something I forgot to comment on last week is how, even in beachwear, the characters retain their predetermined colour schemes. It almost makes you wish that the colours were used more often.

    Today’s Lesson Learned: Always flatter your guest artists! (Not that they don’t deserve it, of course, but it also helps the self-deprecation angle – compared to you, the artists are ‘indisputable spectacle’ – which also serves to flatter the audience in one go. …Or you could say it because you mean it?)

  2. Personally, and I think I speak for a lot of straight men and lesbians,I appreciate Shaenon not cluttering up the beach scenery with Dave, butit wasn’t really necessary to kill him. They couild have just left himbehind in the sewer to tend the computers while they went off on companyholiday. He wouldn’t have minded. It would have been as much a vacationfor him as them.

    Come to think of it, his whole post-death experience so far has been notmuch more than getting pushed farther down the sewer line. It’s darker,and far away there’s a light at the end. Is that what death is, gettingfarther down the sewer line? And is it heaven or hell? I guess for Davethat depends on the Internet connection.
    Ed Wells, 2 July 2001.

  3. Volume 13 of A Series of Unfortunate Events is really good. And there’s some other good ones along the way. Totally worth reading!

  4. It’s December now here in North America, and this strip is really making me want to switch hemispheres.

  5. oh, why would you want to switch hemispheres? i mean, its only 30 degrees out here in sunny california. were expecting the mammoths and 30 feet of snow tomarrow. its great.

  6. It’s been getting pretty cold over here in Iowa. I love my state for the simple reason that our temperatures range from below zero to over a hundred degrees. It’s freaking awesome. 

  7. I love how Helen’s tummy is actually drawn appropriately chubby. It’s cute and rare and cute.

  8. Re: The book

     It looks like “The Reptile Room,” which, IIRC, is the aforementioned Volume 3 of the series.

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