The Cartoonist Paints the Cartoon Art Museum

At this point, Andrew had just been hired by the Cartoon Art Museum as its new gallery manager. Like, that week. The museum was moving from its previous location on the second floor of a building on Mission Street to a beautiful new gallery space a few blocks away, in the museum-heavy South of Market area, where it resides to this day. The new space had previously been occupied by the Ansel Adams Gallery, which spent a lot of money carefully renovating and updating the galleries and then went out of business. Photography’s loss is cartooning’s gain; the Cartoon Art Museum inherited a great set of galleries that just needed a paint job, as depicted here.

Viz was heavily promoting the children’s anime Hamtaro around this time, because their biggest hit to date had been Pokemon and everyone was hoping that lightning would strike twice with something else that was kind of like Pokemon. There was a lot of Hamtaro stuff around the office.

I want to formally apologize for the fact that, in the last panel, Andrew kind of looks like he has a neckbeard. ANDREW WOULD NEVER GROW A NECKBEARD.

10 thoughts on “The Cartoonist Paints the Cartoon Art Museum

  1. Darn.

    Wait… that’s you? I think I’ll run your face through my Mad Scientist alter ego’s Address-Looker-Upper.

    Heh heh heh. πŸ˜‰

  2. But you didn’t explain … what was “Hataro”?  A spin-off of Sid & Marty Kroft’s “Lidsville”?

    OK, yes, I’m picking on you needlessly.  But karmic retribution comes quickly … I now have a mental images of cartoon hamsters in hats … and they’re singing “One” from “A Chorus Line”.  P.S. Aaaugh!

  3. You always put so much professionalism into a filler excuse strip.

    I notice that Mr. F’s official designation is still “Guest Artist Andrew Farago”, as it will be for about another two years.

  4. Man, i LOVED hamtaro. Still do. Prozac in a animated feature, my dear.

    Hell I even know the whole dance.

  5. ~It’s Hamtaro time! Ham-tar-o! When we work together it’s much better!~

    … and no, it’s not like Prozac – Prozac didn’t work for me, Hamtaro does. πŸ˜›

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