Mello, Davo, and Hello

This Halloween, I’m dressing as Harpo Marx, and I’m forcing my characters to do the same. Here’s a drawing of the cast as the Marx Brothers, pencilled by Andrew “Chico” Farago and inked by yours truly.

Another Sunday installment that’s been missing from the archives. Obviously, Andrew and I threw this together pretty quickly so we could get on with our Halloween celebrations. Of the three, Helen looks the most like Andrew’s style, so I must have inked pretty closely to his pencils on her.

We were on a Marx Brothers kick at the time, so, as mentioned above, we dressed as Harpo and Chico for Halloween. This was back in the days when you could go to Halloween at the Castro without getting shot. As you can see, all it really takes to turn Andrew into Chico Marx is a hat.

We went out with our friends Jason T. and Hallie. Jason, who was into making masks with organic elements, constructed an enormous monster mask covered in melted cheese. (Actually, there were two versions of the mask: one covered in chicken skins, which he wore to a Lovecraft reading, and one covered in cheese, because Hallie was a vegetarian and didn’t approve of his meat masks.) It had eyes made of Jell-O in plastic wrap. Also, and this is the important part, it was the foulest-smelling thing I have ever encountered.

No, seriously, this happened.

5 thoughts on “Mello, Davo, and Hello

  1. Ugh. That is gross.

    I like ‘Mello, Davo, and Hello’, though. Though Mell in any sort of costume other that doesn’t carry some sort of warning label (unless it’s a supervillainess cotume, of course) is a bad idea.

  2. Well, Mello has the horn — does that count for warning?

    Masks with organic elements — I flashed on Gaiman’s (graphical) story about Element Girl, and why she was doing ceramic rather than organic masks…


  3. . . . . . . Madame, you are my hero.

    No, seriously. Harpo Marx is my role model and personal hero. Good man, lived a good life, never drank, was married to the woman he loved for most of his life, adopted four kids. . . whats not to love?

    And as for the Cheese mask?

    “You know, i never forget a face. For you, I’ll make an exception.” 

  4. Don’t take this the wrong way — I’m not sure what the wrong way to take this IS, but if you figure out what it is, don’t take it that way — but man, that outfit is adorable on you, Sarge.  I also appreciate the way you kept your actual ethnicities in line with the Marx brothers’ fake ones in choosing your costumes.

    Also:  Finally, the cheese mask!  I’ve heard stories about this for ages now, but I never got to see the picture.  It is, if anything, more horrifying than I envisioned. 

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