The Cartoonist Hits the Big Time

Yes, I was honestly very, very excited to be included in the small print on a flier. I still am, whenever it happens. It’s a big deal for me to be well-known enough for people to spell my name right.

Keith Knight made the poster. Thanks, Keef. Oh, and the Spider-Man show, “Web-Slinging and Wall-Crawling,” was the first Cartoon Art Museum show that Andrew helped curate. So all in all this was a heck of a rent party.

10 thoughts on “The Cartoonist Hits the Big Time

  1. “Extreme pizza”?

    Personally, I have no clue how to mentally reconcile your voice with that accent. The only solution is for you to recite today’s strip in the next Narbonic podcast!

  2. Extreme Pizza is so nasty. If you’re ever in SF, don’t eat it. Go to Little Star or Pizza Orgasmica.

  3. No, actually I can’t wear sunglasses at all because I’m blind without my glasses. I’ve got glasses with those magic tinted lenses.

  4. There was very briefly a Narbonic podcast. Then my co-podcaster got to busy to do it with me and it died.

  5. I love your expression in the antepenultimate panel. (I was going to say “panel three”, but I suppose the flyer could also be panel three… too confusing.)

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