Narbonic Sprite Theatre

As doofy as this little playlet is, I really did want to do more installments with Liz’s adorable sprite figures. For better or worse, I never got around to it. The backgrounds are ganked from “Maniac Mansion,” my all-time favorite video game and frequent Narbonic referent.

Man, it’s been way too long since I posted extra Sunday bonus stuff. How about this excellent sketch of Dana by Rhiannon McCullough? That’s the ticket!

Thanks, Rhiannon!

9 thoughts on “Narbonic Sprite Theatre

  1. Those sprites are really quite nice. Their vibrant colour schemes and non-standard poses make me think of Pok?mon Diamond. If I had been doing this, I’d have probably wimped out and made them all 16×32 pixels with 4 colours.

  2. Since the Big Freakin’ ™ Gun was recycled from another strip, I’m not incrementing the official count.

    Went to my granddaughter’s birthday party yesterday at the Kids’ Museum.  The two-year-old seemed most fascinated by the diagram of the body’s internal organs … she was taking them all out and trying to put them back in different arrangements.  Future Mad Scientist in the making!

  3. I didn’t notice Artie in that Maniac Mansion comic. I did, however, notice that Mel is standing suspisciously close to the microwave. Should I be worried?

  4. Cute! I am now longing to go away and make lots of pixelly Narbonic LiveJournal icons (but I won’t). I like the subtle Dave head-swivel. Spooky.

    I’ve missed Helen’s big hair since she’s been a man.

  5. Okay, that’s just sad – I recognized the backgrounds from Maniac Mansion.

    Helen would get along just fine with the Tentacle, wouldn’t she? 

    The Auld Grump 

  6. Disturbingly, I had the same thought, That Guy.

    I also hope that Mell isn’t carrying any gasoline…

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