The Cartoonist Attends a Wedding

I worked so hard on this drawing, and now of course I hate it and can only see its many flaws. I think it was the first time I ever tried to do an ink wash, which was kind of fun and then I never did it again.

I had a great time at the wedding, though. It’s the only time I’ve ever done bridesmaid duty. Andrew and I danced up a storm.

Incidentally, Kim was loosely the basis for Mell’s career trajectory in Narbonic. She was in the military in college and later worked as a lawyer for the Pentagon. She’s worked for other government departments since then, including, at one point, NASA. Space Law. No, really, they have Space Law. You can’t just go crazy up there.

9 thoughts on “The Cartoonist Attends a Wedding

  1. You know, I bet Michaelangelo went to his death bed thinking of the Sistine Chapel and muttering “Too much blue.  Too much friggin’ blue.  What was I thinking??”


  2. Andy: Heh heh heh.

    Daniel: Capitals! So THAT’S why some of the letters mapped to two glyphs. I was puzzled by that. Typically when a letter maps to multiple glyphs, the purpose is to confuse letter frequency attacks by altering the glyph frequencies. But that didn’t make sense here since the most common letters still mapped to single glyphs.

    That 22 July 2006 Strip was the very first Narbonic I ever read. I was reading Girl Genius at the time. (I don’t even remember how I found GG, but it might have been while I was searching the web for 20-sided fuzzy dice.) Kaja Foglio made a comment about being in love with Dave in her LJ and included a link to Narbonic.I was hooked.

  3. Space Law’  That beats the ‘equine law,’  specialist I found in the Lawyer to Lawyer section of the Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly.

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