Results of the Summer T-Shirt Contest

Yeah, slow year for the T-shirt contest, which was a major reason I stopped doing it and started doing the gerbil photo contest instead. Also, I stopped selling T-shirts. I’m planning to offer the evil T-shirts again soon, though! Finally!

Karoline is a college friend of mine. She ended up becoming a licensed acupuncturist herself. So watch out, because any random weird thing you do while wearing a Narbonic T-shirt may turn into your career.

Every once in a while, someone tells me they LARPed as a Narbonic character. This simultaneously delights and terrifies me. There’s something about the idea of my characters walking the earth doing things without my knowledge or approval.

12 thoughts on “Results of the Summer T-Shirt Contest

  1. It could be worse, believe me. The daughters of your characters could be walking the earth (well, the forum) doing things w/o your knowledge or approval. 😉

    Though, let’s admit it, LARPing as Narbonic characters sounds pretty cool.

  2. (TUNE: “The Impossible Dream”, from “Man Of La Mancha”)

    This is my goal!
    To Narbonic LARP!
    To threaten my teammates
    With instruments sharp!
    To partake in a MUD,
    Be a role-playing stud;
    To be willing to selflessly sacrifice other folks’ blood!

    And I hope, if my scalpel blade cuts
    In the Narbonic style,
    At the end, I’ll be knee-deep in guts
    With a satisfied smile!

    And I know we won’t do this again …
    As my friends stagger off to their cars,
    I smile; for I know I’ve been giving
    Their minds some unhealable scars!

  3. Shaenon, if enough people read and love your stories, your characters will become real and start doing things without your approval. Artie will end up in the Circle of Ouroboros. Mell will discover that she’s Helen Stone’s secret grand-daughter. And Dave will make Helen a sister ship to the Gay Deceiver which will have a nice name, but everyone will call it the Gerbil Inseminator.

  4. There’s something about the idea of my characters walking the earth doing things without my knowledge or approval.

    That just means they’ve achieved entelechy! 


  5. Further yayyy! I too want an Evil t-shirt.

    And I’m kind of Helen-shaped, so presumably it should suit me.

  6. Just for the record, I started training to be an acupuncturist BEFORE taking that picture. 🙂  And I still love that t-shirt, but it could really use replacing.  Glad to see a new one is coming out.  Even if it isn’t Riot Grrbils.  But Riot Grrbils were *awesome!*

    • So, since you’re both a licensed acupuncturist and a Narbonic fan, does that mean that you give a discount on acupuncture for talking gerbils? Or a bulk discount on giant gerbils?

      (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

  7. In all fairness, Shaenon, I did get your permission before using your characters in that game! It was a Toon LARP at GenCon 2002, set as a big Deadlands/general western parody. We needed some funny mad scientists characters and Helen and Lupin were the first two that jumped to mind.

  8. You know, the alternative to worrying about Narbonic and Skin Horse characters being used in LARPGs is to create an Official Narbonic LARPG.

    Come to think of it, I’d be willing to help write rules for that, since I do have a little experience in writing LARPGs…

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