The Art of Richard Powell and Jennifer Toal

Yeah, I had to do at least one Sunday strip with the gender-swapped characters. Since I cut the plotline in the daily strips that involved putting Dave in a dress, I did it here. Besides darkening Helen’s vest and tie to magenta rather than pink, I kept the characters in the same basic color schemes they follow in their usual bodies. Dave almost always wears earth tones.

I like the sly expressions in Richard’s drawing. These women are obviously up to no good.

I should’ve put these panels and the following panels on the same page. I mean, why did I break them up this way? It makes no sense. Sigh.

I always had the vague notion that the meta versions of Helen and Dave you see in these Sunday installments have been a couple since before Narbonic started. They just seem more comfortable with each other than the versions in the daily strips.

Anyway, nice profile of Mell. And Dave does look strangely cute in these panels.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Richard Powell and Jennifer Toal

  1. He does. And I love arties little self-concious nod to the vaugerys of cloathing for sentient animals- especially as he ends up acidentaly nekkid as a human a *lot* later.

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