Paper Artie

Long, long ago, I created paper dolls of Mell, Helen, and Dave. Now, James Rice has created this improbably adorable paper-doll incarnation of Artie. Print it out, cut it out, and dress. It’s a gerbil in little clothes! It is not possible for anything to be cuter than this!
This doll was created by James Rice.

“Long, long ago”? Oh, Shaenon of the past, you still have so far to go. Still, it’s nice to look at those early paper dolls and the “Gender Swap” strips and see how much I’d improved even by this point. Not that I didn’t have plenty of room left for improvement.

James’s gerbil clothes really are cute. I mean, the little Batman outfit. Please. This is another Sunday feature that’s been missing from the archives, and it’s nice to have it back.

5 thoughts on “Paper Artie

  1. I’m quite impressed that the superhero costume theme persists even here.

    Although Artie’s outline looks amazingly hard to cut out with standard scissors.

  2. Artie’s Batgerbil outfit reminds me of Bat-Bat, from the Ralph Bakshi “Mighty Mouse” cartoons in the late 80’s.  (Bat-Bat was a bat who dressed in a bat costume to fight crime.)

    So who would Batgerbil’s nemesis be?  Helen’s mom as “The Chuckler”?  (Heh heh heh …)


  3. There’s Bat-Bat, and there’s Man-Man (who was bitten by a radioactive man, gaining all the powers of a man).

    Didn’t say it’s good, just that it exists and has an amusing premise.

  4. Am I the only one who can *totaly* see Dana in a Joker suit? Cloathed in purple and green with a yellow buttercup in her lapel, ranting about the properties of phosphoris toad dancing as Atry trys to work out his mini Gerbil-rangs.

  5. Ooh.  I need to do a vectorized revamp of these, I suppose.  *sigh*  A compulsive creative modifier’s work is never done…

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