The Art of Kisai, Martin Olsson, Orin J., and Tamara Fougner

Tea Fougner is a college friend who’s showed up in the Sunday art features before. Those are some totally nippletastic Zetas. The first one is especially nifty.

And, yes, Mell has just been painting herself the whole time. I think I stole this idea from a “Muppet Show” sketch where a bunch of Muppets are in an art class with Candice Bergen as the model, but they’re all painting figures that look like themselves.

Martin Olsson is a very nice guy from Sweden. I have no further explanation for this strip.

I forgot to give Dave his nice zombie skin tone on this page. Sigh.

Orin sent me tons of comics, not all of which I ended up posting. Wherever you are, Orin, excelsior!

Heeeey…that’s my artwork, recontextualized!

I think this is the same Kisai who’s the Keenspace server admin. The URL included with this pinup doesn’t work anymore, though.

Man, lots of reader art! I was quickly running out of appropriate outfits for Art Days, but I do like Mell’s jaunty beret. I gave Dave’s skin a greenish cast to indicate the rot and mold of the grave. In general, the characters appear in the Sunday strips in whatever their physical condition happens to be in the dailies, so Dave’s still dead on Sunday. Like Solomon Grundy!

3 thoughts on “The Art of Kisai, Martin Olsson, Orin J., and Tamara Fougner

  1. *blink* In that last panel, Dave’s pants look way too flesh-covered. My first thought was that the Mortician made some adjustments to make the pants fit better.

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