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This one actually turned out pretty well. It’s from a poster for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, in case you can’t tell. I love that movie so much, and Tina Turner is a fine role model for Helen. It’s amazing how easy it is to work ur-gerbils into these images.

And here’s My Neighbor Totoro, another of my favorites. Maybe I should’ve done more of these movie posters; they were pretty fun to draw and they still look decent enough. For a while now I’ve kind of wanted to draw the Narbonic characters as the cast of Young Frankenstein, which was, unsurprisingly, a huge influence on Narbonic. I watched Young Frankenstein every time I was home sick as a kid, so it’s one of the movies I practically have memorized (along with Annie Hall, but where would I put the ur-gerbils?).

4 thoughts on “Movie Posters

  1. Of course, to fit the plot of Young Frankenstein, you’d have to flip the sexes of one set of characters: Helen = Frederick, Dave = Inga, Mell = Igor, Madblood = Frau Blucher, Traffic Cop = Inspector Kemp … and the ur-gerbil ends up on the slab.

    • You forgot the whinny after “Bluecher” {horses whinny offscreen}. <–See? ^_^

      Gotta pay attention to those little details!

  2. Ah! So sweet.

    I’m quite enamoured with auxiliary artwork that implicitly posits an origin for Helen’s gerbil fixation.

  3. Re: Annie Hall.  You could have Alvie ask Otto and Lil the secret of their success as a couple when he’s out on that street.

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