Summer Gerbil Photo Contest: Even More Wisconsin!

I really do like that photo of the mustard museum. Jeff has promised that someday I can visit him in Wisconsin, and we can see the mustard museum and the Forevertron and the House on the Rock and all the other wonders for which the state is justly famous.

Meanwhile, Justin Werfel was kind enough to send me a photo of the sketch I did for his Narbonic: The Perfect Collection Kickstarter contribution. He asked for Artie playing Boggle, and here it is, now framed and hanging next to the games shelf in his living room.

Copies of Narbonic: The Perfect Collection no longer come with exclusive sketches, but they are available nonetheless through the Couscous Store.

3 thoughts on “Summer Gerbil Photo Contest: Even More Wisconsin!

  1. You can guess what’s coming …
    (TUNE: “Mean Mr. Mustard”, The Beatles)

    Mount Horeb Mustard Museum
    Makes many mysterious mixes, mister!
    Finest tourist spot on the map!
    Many types of mustard on tap!
    Some of them have turned into crap!
    It’s the Mustard Museum!
    Mighty Mustard Museum!

    Speedy and Ferdinand, they command, “Lend a hand!”
    Hadn’t planned this excursion …
    Allison is there on their right!
    She and Speedy patch up their fight!
    He maintains she’s wrong about Wright!
    In the picture, you see ’em
    At the Mustard Museum!

  2. I feel extremely positively about that Roots reference –my parents have a tendency to hold babies up and declare “Behold! The only thing greater than yourself…the ceiling!”

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