Still More Narbonic Haiku

Man, these haiku contests were a great way to fill a bunch of Sundays! Good work, Lazy Shaenon of the Past! I especially like James Rice’s second haiku.

Speaking of James Rice, I’m still catching up on photos of his globetrotting gerbil, Speedy. Here he is spelunking in Belize, as he so often does.

James writes: Look closely at the shapes to the left of Speedy, and below him in the image. See if you can make out what they are.

7 thoughts on “Still More Narbonic Haiku

  1. Down, and to the left of Speedy is clearly a jawbone of some sort. Herbivorous or omnivorous, quite plausibly human.

  2. Hang on a tick, Past Jeffrey, at this point you can’t be sure the hamsters have malevolent designs for the Madbots…. yeah, OK, we all saw it coming a mile off.

  3. Yep, I’m going for human remains. How old, I wouldn’t like to speculate, but obviously H. Sapiens if they’re in the Americas.

  4. Directly left of him appears to be a human cranium, facing away from the camera. You can see the side of it on the top of the object.

  5. Yes, those are human bones.  This particular skeleton has not (yet)been examined, so the cause of death is unknown.  However, not far away in this cave there is an alter, so human sacrifice is not out of the question. 

    This trip, and all of Speedy’s previous trips to Belize are part or a yearly expedition where cavers from around the world come to help survey caves for Belize’s Institute of Archeology.  

    These and alot more of Speedy’s adventures can be found on his facebook page,


  6. tune: SUPERCHICKEN!

    When a cavern needs spelunking
    When a rumor needs debunking
    When a criminal is all misdeedy
    When there’s no ink in your Biro
    Then you need a superhero
    Call . . . James Rice and Speedy!
    (Vroom vroom vroom)

    In a rocket car or blimp or double-decker
    They’ll hurry to your aid while setting a speed record

    Check out Speedy’s Facebook page
    ‘Cause he and James are all the rage
    They souped up Hawking’s wheelchair, yes indeedy!
    They will spay your cat for you
    Or write a nice haiku or two
    Just call . . . James Rice and Speedy!
    (Vroom vroom vroom vroom)
    Call . . . James Rice and Speedy!

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