Even More Narbonic Haiku

I always loved it when the Haiku-Off produced a bunch of non-haiku poetry. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

Okay, okay, one more photo of James Rice’s gerbil, Speedy, and I promise this will be the last for a while. Here’s Speedy resting simultaneously atop the highest points of Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Thanks as always, James and Speedy!

3 thoughts on “Even More Narbonic Haiku

  1. Oh, yeah.  I have a dim recollection of that crazy weekend.  I was working briefly in Nashville, and wanted to get some more state high points.  I think that weekend cost about $400 in gas, food & hotels.  I also got to experience loosing the trail in Virginia, and hiking a couple of miles cross country through deep snow in dense forest.  Speedy went along for the fun.  

  2. Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina is in fact the highest point in the US east of the Mississippi river.

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