Still Further Runners-Up in the Madblood Battle Anthem Context

Man, this is a long installment. I had to get in all the entries before revealing the chosen Battle Anthem next Sunday.

Can you picture the 15,000 Madblood androids singing and dancing to “I’m Bad”? It’d be like those Filipino prisoners dancing to “Thriller.”

Although frankly, for all practical purposes, 15,000 robots singing anything would be completely unintelligible. Douglas Adams and the rest of the crew on the original radio production of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” learned that when they tried to create the sound of two million robots singing the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation theme “Share and Enjoy.” It just doesn’t work.

(Yes, unsurprisingly, I’m totally into Douglas Adams. During my year abroad in college, I ended up listening to the radio show over and over because it was one of about six cassette tapes I’d brought with me, a dilemma I’m sure sounds either primitive or nonsensical to modern youths.)

Ed Wells is a family friend who appears in a number of Sunday features. I really like that his chorus is, “Loop! Loop! Loop!”

I’m not very familiar with Les Miz and know this song better through the parody they did on “Animaniacs” with Rita and Runt. I… I’m sorry.

This song is delightful, and so is the border I put around it. Does anyone ever not enjoy old-timey men with moustaches? The answer is no.

Another good one! I’m always amazed by the things people send me. The fan art and filk and things are usually better than my own creative efforts, which is puzzling, but strangely flattering. I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks to everybody who wrote me android battle anthems.

Oh, yeah, I’m also a big “Blackadder” fan! Andrew and I recently watched it all the way through again, and now he’s going through a phase of seeing Blackadder and Baldrick in everything (for example, the relationship between the Joker and his main henchman in Tim Burton’s “Batman”).

The eternal question: which is the best season, the second (Elizabethan) or third (Regency)? I’m inclined to say Regency, but the second season has Miranda Richardson as Queenie, one of my favorite characters in all fiction. I’ve got such a girl crush on Miranda Richardson. She’s Rita Skeeter in the Harry Potter movies, she did a voice in “Chicken Run,” and she turned down the lead role in “Fatal Attraction” because she thought it was sexist. Truly the perfect woman.

I think this is the only entry that acknowledges that the writer has no idea what these robots look like. Also, this is another amazing sheet-music border.

Whew… okay, that’s it for the Battle Anthem runners-up. The upcoming week of strips features the winner.

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