Small Plush Gerbil Sets Speed Record

Just yesterday, James Rice was kind enough to update me on Speedy’s activities.

In September, Speedy got his fastest ride yet on the Bonneville Salt Flats, at just over 450mph, in the #715 Speed Demon. Unfortunately, mechanical problems prevented a complete return run, so it didn’t count as a world record. Still that run was third or forth fastest ever for a wheel driven vehicle.

To calm things back down, Speedy’s next adventure was a cruise through the Panama Canal. He also went kayaking, zip-lining and on a submarine cruise.

In February, Speedy re-joined the XMET expedition in Belize, where, among other things, he helped survey and document a newly discovered chamber, with 21 undisturbed Mayan pots. I guess that would make these chamber pots.

In March, Speedy visited Guam and the Philippines, on yet another caving expedition. For unknown reasons, Speedy and others chose to ride on top of a bus. I guess because they could.

Good lord, the gerbil has a tiny little Panama hat. Thanks for the update, James!

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