Narbonicon IV

I drew an excellent set of Little Nemo-style illustrations for the final Narbonicon site. That walking bed was a bear to draw.

Mell is brandishing a trident (because why not?) and an old-fashioned WWI-era grenade, something I was always itching to work into the strip.

8 thoughts on “Narbonicon IV

  1. (TUNE: “The Band Played On”, John F. Palmer and Charles B. Ward)

    Shaenon can draw!
    Such a picture I saw
    For Nar-bon-i-con!

    She draws all the day
    Just like Windsor McKay
    For Nar-bon-i-con!

    But the comic that she done
    Is now in a re-run!
    Those happy conventions are gone!

    Bye-bye, Little Nemo!
    There never will be mo’

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