Narbonicon IV Photos

The Bodyworlds exhibition convinced me to get a tattoo when Narbonic finished. One of the bodies had a tattoo and was sliced open so you could see how deep the ink went into the flesh. For whatever perverse reason, seeing just how permanent a tattoo is made me want to get one. So thanks, corpse museum!

Anyway…Narbonicon ended with Narbonic itself, so this was the last one. It was a really good one. I still miss them.

(I didn’t eat any gel brain.)

10 thoughts on “Narbonicon IV Photos

  1. So what would the Skin Horse version of Narbonicon be called?  “Skin Con” sounds like adults-only … “B.O.S.S. Con” is too close to “Boskone” … Come on, Garritites, we need to do this.

  2. I seem to recall that the gel brain tasted rather appealingly almond-y, but it was fairly subtle.

    I know it sounds goofy, but the Narbonicon weekends were some of the best and most memorable weekends of my life thus far.  A moment of thanks to the cartoon that made it all happen.

  3. I still vote for the name Shaenonicon, and I still say we have to do one for all the Narbonic and Skin Horse fans.  Again, I’m willing to host here in LA, but I know there was a groundswell for Indianapolis or somewhere else midcontinental.

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