Narbonic Vol. 2

We ended up replacing my signature with my plain old name on the final cover. Otherwise, this is pretty much what the final book looked like. But don’t take my word for it!

Making the Narbonic collections was always a lot of fun, and I should thank Mike Barklage again for doing such an awesome job on them. Thanks, Mike!

Now let’s see someone come up with a filk for THIS…

8 thoughts on “Narbonic Vol. 2

  1. tune: “Tea for two,” Vincent Youmans & Irving Caesar (No, No, Nanette, 1925)

    Oh, how I loved Volume One
    But Volume Two was twice the fun
    Dave went to Hell, met Caliban
    How swell!

    Dave was a zombie thanks to Helen’s mombie
    His head at the station, a bad situation
    Then cloned. Helen vexes
    Her henchman by swapping sexes

    Helen A. got in the way
    A plot with the Conspiracy
    But on an isle they ended with
    A smile

    Chris Shadioan drew the supp.
    It was a blast, I ate it up
    Like mother’s milk
    And, Shaenon, here’s your filk!

  2. I really like how the covers of all six Narbonics books look. They work so well, being all black and pink and lavendery.

  3. (TUNE: “What’ll I Do”, Irving Berlin)

    Now that we’re going through Director’s Cut,
    Now you can show your affection …
    Here is a book you can open and shut,
    Here is the second collection …

    Narbonic 2,
    It’s new!
    It’s just for you!
    So read it through,
    Narbonic 2!

    It’s Volume 2,
    It’s true!
    It’s pink, not blue!
    It’s bound with glue,
    It’s Volume 2!

    Narbonic 2 collects
    The swaps of sex,
    Ur-gerbils, D-Con too …

    So Volume 2
    Let’s view!
    And then we’ll do
    A fine review!
    Buy Volume 2!

  4. Um, speaking of the Narbonic books, Sarge, a while ago in the forums you wrote, “Meanwhile, I have other Narbonic publishing plans in the works…more announcements soon, I hope.” So…is it “soon” yet?

    (In the interest of documenting one’s sources, that quote is from a post dated 9/23/10 in the “Narbonic: 4&5” thread.)

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