Omigosh, another rare mailbag strip! I really did get lots of interesting mail about Narbonic over the years. It was just hard to find stuff for the characters to comment wittily on. Also, as Dave notes, I was lazy. Dave is always hostile toward me in these meta strips. He doesn’t appreciate being the strip’s buttmonkey.

Anyway, this strip succeeded in its goal: getting readers to draw cyborgs for me so I didn’t have to. More in coming Sundays.

In other news, and speaking of other awesome things my readers do, I’m currently holding a Kickstarter drive to fund a big fat two-volume omnibus collection of Narbonic. It’s going well! Details here.

5 thoughts on “Mailbag!

  1. Nothing much to say today, except that I’ve just realised that this is merely one of two webcomics which have famously asked their fans to name the main character(s).

  2. @Leon: Make that three.  “1977 The Comic” is currently running a contest to pick the main character’s real name.

    Aging rockers, former stoners, and anyone who’s ever said, “Was I really that dumb when I was young?” will like “1977”.  Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, just not in that order.

  3. Helen speaks my name.  O, be still my heart!

    I think I spent an entire week snickering at Dave’s date suggestion.  Geeks are so cruel to our own kind.

    I wrote to Shaenon because I was secretly curious if she was thinking of Vassar’s Greg Priest-Dorman when she wrote the strip.  (Seen with his functioning cybernetic implants here )

  4. Nate: I wasn’t, but as it happens one of my Vassar friends is working on cybernetic implants. He’s been putting wireless control devices in monkey brains, apparently. There is no way this will not end with vindictive cyborg monkey overlords.

  5. I want to buy print versions of Narbonic, but I want the commentary to be in there! Reading Shaenon’s comments is half the fun.

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