More Rejected Narbonic Strips

As much as I like these behind-the-scenes featurettes, they’re hard to do commentary for, because the commentary is already built in! That said, most of these are surprisingly old scripts, written around 2001-2003, except for the “Hiccup” strip, which I wrote at the last minute and decided not to use anyway. It was mostly for my own enjoyment, as are all They Might Be Giants references.

5 thoughts on “More Rejected Narbonic Strips

  1. For what it’s worth Unix isn’t a programming language. And BASIC is actually a higher level than C, since it’s an interpreted language for beginners. Everyone probably already told you this six years ago, but I can’t resist.

    The implication of the crossover strip seems to be that they’ve unwittingly changed history and returned to a Victorian version of reality. Which actually sounds pretty interesting, insofar as it’s a twist on regular time-travel and parallel world story arcs. I’d like to see what all of Helen’s tech got converted into.

  2. A few years back, I was actually hired for a job to convert one critical routine from C to machine code.  Cut the execution time by 70%.  My one technical triumph of my career.

  3. @Leon: Of course she knows that BASIC is higher level than C. “I could easily write an even faster version in BASIC, for heaven’s sake” wouldn’t be a much of a boast otherwise.

  4. Were “Life-threatening prank calls to Harlan Ellison” threats made to Harlan, or was Artie just realistic about the risks of pranking him?

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