Millie as Helen

Obviously this is some fine cosplay. But today I have a bonus photo! Remember these pictures of Janet, last seen reading Narbonic: The Perfect Collection?

Well, Janet’s mother Sara just sent me this photo:

Janet writes:

This is part of a story in which super-intelligent gerbils are either growing or shrinking — I am not entirely sure — so I have told her to write more of it so that it becomes clearer. She is writing it as Artie’s diary entries. Janet’s Artie has very bad spelling but a reasonably good cursive hand. For a gerbil. In the initial picture, Artie is apparently explaining something about the growing-or-shrinking supersmart gerbils to Helen (each of those little magenta dots is a gerbil), and Mel wants to shoot them, and Dave wants to have a cigarette. I think she has got the characterization down, really.

I am so happy right now.

P.S. to Kay: Yes indeed.

2 thoughts on “Millie as Helen

  1. tune: “Rosalinda’s Eyes,” Billy Joel

    I spent days reading Narbonic archives
    Memorizing every word
    Felt like Helen, Mell and Dave really had lives
    In a universe absurd

    Artie Narbon, Lupin Madblood and ANTONIO
    Seem as true to me as people that I really know
    It’s ’cause Shaenon Garrity
    Is that complete rarity
    Funny, creative, and smart
    A genius and her art

    All the stories that we loved thrill us again
    As Director’s Cut we read
    What will we do next? We’re coming to “The End”
    Skin Horse nicely fills the need

    The best comic novels only grow in their acclaim
    So Narbonic will live on forever, gaining fame
    When Pulitzer is hers, then
    We’ll say, “It had to happen”
    Made us laugh and moved our heart
    That genius and her art

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