In Memory of Dave

Since Andrew was, by this point, my steady boyfriend, I was able to force him to draw this memorial comic-book cover. You’ll notice he modestly included Scott McCloud from his own guest week storyline. The “Death of Dave” illustration is based on the cover of the 1993 “Death of Superman” comic.

I really dig this illustration. Gotta love Andrew’s badass, Bruce Willis-like Dave.

7 thoughts on “In Memory of Dave

  1. In memory of Helen Narbon’s Pal Dave Davenport, let us all now reflect on some of the happier moments in the latter half of Dave’s life:

    “I don’t like it when Freudian things happen to me!”
    “What monstrosity is it this time?”
    “I call no orangutans!”
    “I hate working for the bad guys.”
    “Look, I can’t finish your space laser with the gerbils harassing me!”
    “How much dandruff does Helen have?

    Today’s trope bingo draw: Unmoving Plaid. My apologies for not noticing it on the previous times it occurred.

  2. OK, to continue the “Death Of Superman” parallels, Helen could install a plaque next to the space laser control panel.  “On this spot, some henchman whose unimportant name I can’t recall, died while questioning orders.  Learn, sucker.”

  3. Andrew developed a fondness for the “Unmoving Plaid” look from comic-book artists Kyle Baker and Bill Sienkiewicz, who use solid blocks of patterns to great pop-art effect in their illustrations. He made a point of drawing Dave’s plaid that way, and eventually I started doing the same thing in the regular strip. It really does look better, when you’re drawing in a simplified cartoon style, than trying to make the pattern fit the contours of the clothing.

    • So Dave was born the same year that Star Wars–excuse me, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope–came out? Interesting…

      And I’m sure it’s just a meaningless coincidence, and not symbolic or anything.

      (Gah, you make me feel so old now! My dad took me to see that movie for my 7th birthday. Best present EVER! ^_^)

  4. Truth is, I can’t help but feel the effort was wasted. On the plus side, this could raise Dave’s self-esteem since it shows someone cares about him. Unfortunately it’s just not enough since his gaming table are his only friends, and they don’t even care he’s dead apparently. Poor Dave. Stuck in a world where his friends hate him, his boss’ mother wants to kill him, he can’t admit he’s in love, and even his own kind, the daves, want him dead. I don’t even know what to say.

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