9 thoughts on “Gerbils of the Caribbean: The Art of James Rice, Orin J, Dirk Tiede, and Bill Mudron

  1. Personally, I had a Sinclair ZX80, that I programmed to play the opening of Bach’s “Tocatta and Fugue in D minor”.

    (TUNE: “Love Me Tender”, Elvis Presley)

    Tomy Tutor in its box,
    Floppy in its sleeve …
    Home computer really rocks!
    I could not believe
    All the stuff that it could do
    In nineteen-eighty-three!
    Tomy Tutor, I love you …
    Always stay with me!

  2. Hmm.  Should the Silent Penultimate Panel count be incremented?

    And in Bill Mudron’s drawing – is Mell holding a disembodied head?

  3. Sean: Of course she is. It’s a drawing of the Narbonic characters meeting the cast of Bill’s sadly unfinished comic “Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis.”

  4. Dave hasn’t never smoked yet! (Another month or so…)

    It had never even occurred to me to question the fact that Mell’s holding a disembodied head.

  5. I keep saying this.  Dave smokes, until the end of the current storyline, when Dave will have never smoked.

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