Gerbil Photos: Jason Hartwig and Nate

The gerbil in the coffeemaker made me laugh all over again as I was posting this. Oh, the indignities the plush Narbonic gerbils have suffered over the years.

Meanwhile, I might as well plug this here… the latest Couscous Collective anthology, SPIRITS, is out, and I have a Narbonic story in it.

Basically, Seth and Caliban sharing an apartment has been my favorite idea for a Narbonic spinoff since forever, so I hope yinz like it. You can order the anthology through the Couscous Store.

2 thoughts on “Gerbil Photos: Jason Hartwig and Nate

  1. Caliban has no business acting like he has to “make up for lost time” – he was immortal, don’t you forget. Some people don’t even get 5 millenia of any pleasures, mortal or angelic.

    Much as I find attorney jokes a bit eye-rolling, it’s more than made up for by specifically being about patent attorneys. Yes, I am a software guy, and I’m glad you asked.

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