Art! Jewelry! Music! Many Things!

As Narbonic neared its end, I realized I had a ton of awesome fan art and stuff to share. Ed Gedeon has, of course, gone on to great acclaim as a filk lyricist, a.k.a. that guy who writes a song for like every Skin Horse strip. I met him in person a few years ago and we had cheesecake.

I still have the bracelet. It’s very lovely.

And the reader art does not end! Kay Gilbert was kind enough to create a My Little Pony version of Zeta. Writes Kay, “I couldn’t quite get her cigarette cutie-mark to look right, but otherwise I think she’s not bad.”

Indeed. Thanks, Kay!

4 thoughts on “Art! Jewelry! Music! Many Things!

  1. @crazy_quill, email me at, and I’ll forward the file to you.  (I supposed I should have mentioned that before.)

    Also, I’m really appalled by my art from six years ago (I suppose that’s a good sign that I’ve improved a bit, I hope).

  2. Zeta probably shouldn’t have a cutie mark actually. Or hmm. Would a pony-gerbil hybrid have a cutie mark, or would the gerbil half dominate there? I think it’d be more interesting if the gerbil half did…

    this is entirely too much thought.

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