From off the Streets of Cleveland

Guest artist Andrew Farago is channeling the spirit of Harvey Pekar, creator of the autobiographical comic American Splendor. Andrew recently curated a show at the Cartoon Art Museum devoted to Pekar’s work, which you can read about here. He got interviewed about it for this article on the new “American Splendor” movie. The article says he’s the director of the museum. He’s not really.

Present-Day Shaenon here. I don’t have much to day about this one because Past Shaenon already said it above. This was one of the many times I ran out of material for Sunday features and made Andrew draw something for me. He did a pretty nice Crumb/Pekar pastiche. The link to the Cartoon Art Museum exhibition no longer works, but the link to the article does, surprisingly enough.

4 thoughts on “From off the Streets of Cleveland

  1. Hats off to Andrew!  He’s got R. Crumb’s style down perfectly.

    (TUNE: “Baby, You Can Drive My Car”, The Beatles)

    My girlfriend went off to visit her folks;
    I promised her that I’d think up some jokes …
    To help this girl that I want for my wife,
    Well, I’ll just ramble about my life!

    Andrew, you can draw Pekar!
    Channeling a Crumb named R.!
    Making Shaenon’s page bizarre!
    No wonder she loves you …

  2. I recently noticed that Andrew was apparently involved in organizing a “Watchmen” exhibit at New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.  Though he was unfortunately credited as “Andrew Fargo”.

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