4 thoughts on “Diving Gerbil

  1. (TUNE: “Yellow Submarine”, The Beatles)

    On Narbonic‘s Sunday pages,
    There’s a gerbil we all know!
    He’s a her-ro for the ages!
    He’s so speedy!  Watch him go!
    And he travels ‘cross the world,
    Has adventures, near and far!
    See him now, beneath the waves,
    In his diving … Mason jar!

        Speedy’s diving within a Mason jar!
        In a Mason jar!
        In a Mason jar!
        Speedy’s diving within a Mason jar!
        He’s a superstar
        In a Mason jar!

  2. Since this is a mad-science loving community, I thought you might be interested to know that The Oatmeal is promoting a web-funding campaign to buy Nicola Tesla’s old laboratories and convert them into the nation’s first Tesla museum.


    I donated this morning in the name of Helen Narbon.

  3. Speedy looks impressed. The lobster looks “meh.” The octopus looks “Hey, you surface-breathers, get off my sea-bed!”

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