Dave Barker’s New Title

This strip is brilliant because it only required me to draw one panel. If only I could always be this much of a genius.

Hey, let’s look at costume photos! Wally Caine dressed as Dave for Halloween, and his gerbil, Emerson, dressed as Artie (in his Unitarian robe OMG THAT IS SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE). Are they not adorable together? Thanks, guys!

7 thoughts on “Dave Barker’s New Title

  1. Until just now, I didn’t realize that the nameplate in the last panel spelled out the acronym “N.E.M.E.S.I.S.”  [shaking head] can’t top that …

  2. “Excuse me? I work for the MBTA! We do MASS TRANSIT! You know,busses, subways, commuter rail, high-speed catamarans. Expressways?Sideroads? That’s not me! That’s not even the office down the hall,it’s not even the next floor down, it’s like 8 blocks away! I’m inoperations, not pavement!

    I’m just glad it was James that submitted Tax-Fattened Hyena, and notmy girlfriend’s mom again.

    Newly Educated Master of Expressways, Sideroads and Innercity Streets Dave Barker, 19 Aug 2002.

  3. Hee! You know at first I thought it was an eentsy little labcoat. I’d forgotten about Artie being an ordained Unitarian minister. That costume rocks!

    And N.E.M.I.S.I.S. *Snerk* I like it…

  4. My wife, Megan Swain (now Megan Brunner), is still quite proud of that. She’d say something clever here, but once again she’s forgotten her login/password info for the comments.

  5. As the guy who suggested Tax Fattened Hyena, I should say that is from talk show host/Boston Herald Columnist Howie Carr.  It’s his sorbiquet for the local civil service.  Carr wrote abook about Whitey Bulger (and his brother Billy).  Whitey once had a Narbonic strip dedicated to him.

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