A Narbonic Coloring Book

More coloring book stuff. I really should have done more of these installments, even after James Rice and I finished the print coloring book. They were easy and fun!

As mentioned last time, Helen is a woman of simple and immediately discernible tastes. It’s really kind of shocking that Dave never did get crossed with a gerbil in the strip proper.

Thanks to James again for the crossword puzzle.

This was something I just felt like drawing. I like “Doctor Strangelove.”

8 thoughts on “A Narbonic Coloring Book

  1. Narbonic and massive thermonuclear explosions never quite coincide with each other, despite skirting each other quite frequently (A Week of December 18 Story, 10^0 Metres To Impact, and now this.) It is, admittedly, something that is quite tricky to write a cogent plot around.

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