Continuity Repairs With Rob and Andy

I know I said this last time a “Continuity Repairs” strip came up, but I loved doing these. Again, these are Rob McCarthy and Andrew Farago’s actual answers to the questions. My cartoon avatar looks especially deranged in this installment, which I like.

Andrew’s “Starmaker” T-shirt was one I made for him after an article in a local newspaper referred to him as one of the starmakers of the Bay Area comics scene. It’s snazzy and I don’t know why he never wants to wear it in public. Rob’s shirt advertises the Yellow Claw, a racist Marvel Comics villain to whom Rob is strangely attached.

I obviously love the phrase “Wonder Twin powers activate!” because I used it later in a daily Narbonic strip.

9 thoughts on “Continuity Repairs With Rob and Andy

  1. You drew yourself in panel 6 looking a little uncharacteristically facetious – a little… sarcastically ditzy? That might be an oxymoron but I’m sticking with it.

  2. “I don’t know why he never wants to wear it in public”

    Maybe because it should have a space in so it can be an Olaf Stapledon reference?

    Would fixing Hulk be an easier or harder task now than then?

  3. Ah, the days when it was remotely possible to fix Hulk. Before we’d even heard of the Red Hulk. Truly, 2005 was a simpler time.

  4. Comic strip plots should be like blue jeans.  Comfortable, loose, something you don’t have to think too hard about … and the holes add characters.

  5. AAAAND they’re never seen again because the universe they’re in cannot exist with a fixed version of Ang Lee’s The Hulk.

  6. Did readers actually notice all that??  Can’t we get these people solving the national debt crisis or something?

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