4 thoughts on “Amy vs. Mell

  1. Reading Li’l Mell’s dialog (or monologue), all I can think of is Henry Phillips’ “She’s Talking Again”.


  2. @Shaenon: Hey, yeah, speaking of “Li’l Mell,” the site has been showing Page 7 of the current story (the page that begins with Sergio saying, “I’m serious! Lately I’ve been having more and more trouble communicating…”) for months now. Am I doing something wrong in my attempts to view it, or has something delayed the posting of more pages, or is Page 7 just the end of an unusually short storyline?

  3. Man, this was fun to do. The Amy stories were completely silent, so I was feeling a little starved for some dialogue when we were doing them. When Li’l Mell started up, and whe was such a chatterbox, especially in the first couple of stories, it just seemed like exactly the encounter I was looking to script.

    This is, incidentally, the only fan story I’ve ever done.

    And man, I miss working with Bill.

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