A Brief Moment of Culture, Part 2

Okay, at the time I was working with an ancient version of Photoshop that didn’t allow me to copy and paste text from other sources. I dealt with this by printing out a hard copy of Jeffrey’s story, scanning it, and pasting the scanned text next to my illustrations. That’s why it’s pretty much illegible. I’m sorry.

The third illustration is of the characters from “North of Space,” my old high-school comic strip, in which Mell first appeared. I tried to draw it in the style of W.W. Denslow, the illustrator of The Wizard of Oz, since the other illustrations are all taken from John R. Neill’s illustrations for the other Oz books. It didn’t work at all. Overall, there’s a lot of fail involved in this Sunday installment.

That said, I still like my Neill-style rendering of male Helen and Dave. Dave’s glasses and frock coat are excellent.

14 thoughts on “A Brief Moment of Culture, Part 2

  1. It’s a bit jarring, suddenly switching narrators during that flashback. But it’s a pretty good flashback – one that makes me think having Helen narrate a whole story for herself would be quite entertaining.

  2. OK, Mell’s gun here … it’s big, yes … but is it freakin’ ?  It seems to be too standard to be included in the Big Freakin’ ™ Gun count.  Dissenting or supporting comments, please?

  3. I think it qualifies as freakin’ – it’s bigger than either of her legs in every dimension.

  4. I’ll put in a second vote to count it as a BFG- if you rotate it in your head, it’s at least as tall as Mell’s shoulders.  Although granted, Mell isn’t very tall.

  5. Is that an hourglass on the table in the first illustration, or what is it?

    Mell’s gun is not only bigger than her legs, it’s a LOT bigger than her usual skinny legs when she’s not being illustrated in Neill-style.

  6. Kicking_K: It is, presumably, the timer for the Boggle game that was being played in the previous installment.

    I had a post where I apologized at length for the clumsy narrator-swap, which is the moment in this story I hate the most.  Unfortunately, the comment system seems to have eaten it.  Just as well. 

  7. By popular demand, the Big Freakin’ ™ Gun count has been incremented to 19.  I always enjoy intellectual discussions of this caliber.

  8. “Overall, there’s a lot of fail involved in this Sunday installment.”

    For example, there is no “I” in “VANLLA”.

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