The Caption Contest Sketches

Andrew’s drawing of me is way better than my drawing of Andrew. For some reason I’m not very good at drawing Andrew. He always draws me with curly hair because I had curly hair when we first met. I used to always draw him with a soul patch because he briefly had one when we met.

Señor Bingo and Willey were characters Andrew and his brother Chris created in high school for a Nickelodeon storyboard contest. Andrew drew a story about them for his first minicomic, now sadly out of print.

Everybody in the Mundementia drawing turned out pretty well except for Charles, the nondescript male protagonist. I don’t like his face at all. The other characters look about right, though. The lemur was the hardest part. And this was probably the tipping point in the me/Jeffrey relationship. From here on out we were total BFFs.

And what’s this? Halloween costumes? YES! Dave Van Domelen dressed as Dave for Halloween this year, complete with “Hi My Name is Dave” nametag, which he says was the hardest part of the costume.

And Lord Dave went as a very convincing Professor Madblood.

Thanks so much, guys! These are awesome!

4 thoughts on “The Caption Contest Sketches

  1. The original Mundementia One drawing remains one of my favorite physical objects in that tiny fraction of the Universe that composes my frame of reference.  Shaenon’s right about the “tipping point” thing.  Without something to keep e-mailing her about in the early days of our correspondence, I never would have had the gumption to continue e-mailing her at all.  Nowadays, I worry much less about content when e-mailing Shaenon.

    …which is, I’m sure, a mixed blessing to say the least.

  2. What a coincidence! Nowadays, I worry much less about content when writing N: D’s C comments.

    That being said, all I have to say about my 2006 comments* is that my character wasn’t fully developed.

    * A year, not a total.

  3. Unfortunately, the three cosplay images are currently broken.  The source links on all three ends in “.JPG”, while the actual images on the server end in “.jpg”.  I presume at some point after this page was posted, the server moved from a case-insensitive FS to a case-sensitive one?

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