Wedding Guestbook

Excuse me, but how great is our wedding guestbook? It’s the greatest. Among the artists, I can recognize Jason Shiga (Meanwhile, Bookhunter), Derek Kirk Kim (Same Difference, The Eternal Smile), fellow Viz editor Urian Brown, my brother Conor, Cartoon Art Museum regular Brian Kolm, former Cartoon Art Museum regular John Murphy, Jason Thompson (King of RPGs), Jesse Hamm (Good as Lily), Keith Knight (The K Chronicles, The Knight Life), Lark Pien (Long Tail Kitty), and, of course, Dave Barker. Andrew still uses Keith Knight’s drawing of him as his LiveJournal icon.

The wedding was amazingly fun. We kind of want to have another one so all our friends and family will get drunk together again.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Guestbook

  1. Hmm, Punk Rock Tuna. I can see it catching on. All we need do is genetically engineer a fish to grow hair, and then ingrain personal grooming habits onto it’s instincts.

  2. Well, you’ll just have to have a renewal of vows on your tenth anniversary.  Then *ALL* the crazies can come of the woodwork (or in this case, the Internet) and get drunk together, and combined weirdosity will finally cause California to fall into the ocean.

    Hey, how often do you get a chance to wreak devasation on a global scale?  (If you’re not Lex Luthor, that is.)

  3. Why, yes, let’s have another event where your friends and family get drunk. What could possibly go wrong?

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