These originally ran on February 4, 2001, a little early for Valentine’s Day. I was dating a gentleman at the time, but I wouldn’t for much longer. In fact, I believe this was the beginning of our last week together.

I did an okay job on these, all things considered. I managed to find a nice lace patteren for the Victorian Helen valentine, and I fiddled with the images on Photoshop a little, hence the nifty colors on Helen’s dress in the first valentine. This may also have been the first time I bothered to use reference for Mell’s guns, resulting in things that kind of look like actual rifles. Progress!

A Director’s Cut special: I got this cast drawing from Fred Chung, a fantastic artist and illustrator. This has kind of an Al Hirschfeld look, doesn’t it? And I like Mell’s warrior bodice. Thanks very much, Fred!

7 thoughts on “Valentines!

  1. On the other hand, Artie is represented by a deformed Chihuahua riding a ballpark hot-dog…  And I’m afraid the gerbil slippers made me flash on a really rude Easter Bunny cartoon….

     And yeah, that upper-right valentine kinda got pre-empted by invasions of madness into the Real World. (TM).  I wonder what it means that I thought first of the Washington-DC snipers, instead of the Vermont or Colorado students?


  2. I’m not so sure that the upper-right panel was ever in good taste. A sixth-story window is, you know, the one that Lee Harvey Oswald used…

  3. David: It probably just means that the DC sniper went on for weeks, whereas the students were all single day affairs… The prolonged tension amplified the degree to which the tragedy was able to burn itself into one’s brain.

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