The Narbonic Caption Challenge

The Narbonic Caption Challenge!

Okay, here’s the deal. Serial Narbonic guest artist Andrew Farago has created two illustrations in the style of comic-book god Jack Kirby. Your mission is to think up amusing dialogue for them. The best entry for each picture will win sketches by Andrew and myself. I’ll run all of my favorites in two weeks, on Sunday, May 19. Send your captions to Now go be funny!

Okay, so sometimes it’d be Saturday night, and I’d have absolutely no idea what to do for the Narbonic Sunday feature, and I wouldn’t feel like doing it anyway. Those were the nights it was really useful to be living with Andrew. Thanks, Andrew!

These illustrations are based loosely on Fantastic Four panels. Andrew says that if he were drawing them today he’d ink the blacks in more solidly and make the word balloons big enough that words could actually fit in them. Oh, and do not email It don’t work no more.

What else can I share today? How about this illustration by Ed Gedeon of the superhero (or supervillain) versions of the Narbonic cast?

Ed used this as a panel in his comic Everyday Heroes a while back. Thanks, Ed!

8 thoughts on “The Narbonic Caption Challenge

  1. I appreciate the ambitious poses, and also that someone finally had the sense to give Mell a small battleaxe. However, Dave’s eyes are a little too high on his head. And that’s all I have to say about this picture.

  2. I like superHelen. Also: by the caption contest date, we have approximately 7 months to submit captions.

  3. A pity their chest emblems couldn’t have spelled out “ADHD”.

    Only Digital Dave would walk through a transdimensional portal without at least looking where he was putting his feet.

  4. I think it’s a HUGE battleaxe, just foreshortened. I don’t even see how it’ll fit in the portal.

  5. The “Baby on Board” sign on Dave’s tummy is a nice touch. Did Helen go crazy with the gerbil insemenater again? *cracks up at the thought of Dave giving birth to a litter of gerbils*

  6. Eeeee!  My colour schemes!  My super-Artie with his water bottle!  *is immensely gratified*

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