The Love Theme from “Narbonic”

Mee-Lise is a friend from college; she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. As a big old Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, I was of course delighted to receive this.

In the first drawing, Helen is wearing a T-shirt for the Vassar sci-fi club, the Nonhuman Student Organization (recently renamed “No Such Organization”). I was First Minister of the NSO in my senior year. The original T-shirt has Grateful Dead-style dancing aliens on the front and a concert tour of fictional locations on the back. Did I mention we were all really, really nerdy in the NSO?

Ed Wells made some very inappropriate comments about the drawing of Helen embracing an ur-gerbil, but I insist that the affection is purely innocent, perhaps even maternal.

5 thoughts on “The Love Theme from “Narbonic”

  1. The last stanza amuses me. ‘If you worry that our dear hero won’t keep his sanity intact.’  Little did she know, eh?

  2. I peaked at two packs a day (I’ve since come to the edge of quitting), so I can say that’s a lot of cigarettes! Ten packs a day would probably strain the space-time continuum. (Business as usual around Narbonic Labs.)

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