The Cartoon Art Museum Reopens

I’d just been declared a Star Volunteer at the Cartoon Art Museum. It was not very hard to achieve Star Volunteer status. The museum gave me a Gahan Wilson print and a nice card.

Andrew really was hard at work on the grand reopening, so it was extremely cruel to make him draw most of this strip. I like the panel where he’s fighting a bear. The show on display in the backgrounds of this strip, incidentally, is “Bone Fragments: The Art of Jeff Smith.”

Hey, it’s my birthday today! My THIRTIETH birthday! In celebration, I’m posting the latest gerbil photo from James Rice. I know James has provided some killer gerbil photos in the past: his gerbil Speedy has gone hang-gliding, spelunking and deep-sea diving, has visited the Arctic Circle and our troops in Iraq, and has broken multiple land and air speed records. Nonetheless, I feel confident in declaring this the ultimate gerbil photo:

Oh, yes. This happened.

James explains: “I was at a party Saturday night, at Caltech, and the host of the party is a friend of Stephen Hawking. Stephen was in town for his annual talk at Caltech, and while here, he does a single guest class lecture, (at the cooking class) . Several of us were invited to ‘crash’ the class last night to meet him. I actually needed to stay at my regular meeting, so I didn’t go over, but my brother did, and took Speedy. I thought you’d get a kick out of that.”

I’m the luckiest 30-year-old girl in the world.

16 thoughts on “The Cartoon Art Museum Reopens

  1. (singing)

    Happy birthday to Shaenon,
    May Narbonic reign on;
    If people don’t read it,
    We’ll give them a canin’!

    • Black hole theory + Cooking = proof that Stephen Hawking is so awesome that he defies description.

      That, and after his ST:TNG guest appearance, when he was being given a tour of the Enterprise sets, while he was in Engineering, he looked at the warp core and said he was working on making one in real life. And he wasn’t [entirely] joking!

  2. Happy Birthday Shaenon! In other Speedy news, He’ll be leaving on Tuesday for a three week trek across Spain. Channing, this proves nothing. *grin*

  3. Happy birthday!  Wow, Stephen Hawking does COOKING lectures too?  He’s, like, the PERFECT theoretical physicist of our dreams!

  4. *bows*

    To you, a most delightfull and fortuitous aniversary of your birth.

    .. . . Annnnd manny mooooore!! 

  5. Happy Birthday, Shaenon!

    As an aspiring Assistant Professor of Reality Studies at Crtoon University, with strong research interests in both cartoon-reality interaction and human studies, I can only hope my research provides adequate background, someday, to write your definitive biography. And it would really help the book sales if, you know, you became really really famous and critically influential. So here’s to many more birthdays–may you live long and prosper!


    Prof. Andie W. Swell

  6. Although, come to think of it, if your life were to be cut tragically short in a spectacular way that got worldwide media attention, it would be much less work to write the bio, and book sales might still end up OK, and the movie version would have wowza special effects! 

    Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your birthday.

    Prof. Andie W. Swell

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