The Art of William G, Jacob Lindsoe, Vito Excalibur, and Arthur L. Shore

Mell is right; I think this is the only time I drew Caliban in color. And look how cute he is! Also, I’d totally forgotten that William G drew this awesome image of Mell. He’s a great artist who deserves a lot more attention.

Damn, Mell is totally beating up God in that last illustration. I think I got hardened to this kind of thing by living with Andrew, who was raised with no religion like Star Trek people and has only the vaguest idea of who people like God and Jesus are. My Catholic upbringing has been no help at all.

I have to admit that Vito Excalibur’s super-sinister rendition of Dave used to scare the crap out of me. That said, it’s relevant to upcoming events.

10 thoughts on “The Art of William G, Jacob Lindsoe, Vito Excalibur, and Arthur L. Shore

  1. Actually she’s beating up St. Peter at the gates of Heaven as he leans on a bullet-riddled book of the virtuous. And she’s holding a requisite Monty Python reference, too.

    I wish Bang Barstal was still online, or that William G felt more positive about it to put it back up.

  2. That’s not God, it’s St. Peter, guarding (or rather failing to guard) the gates of heaven.  Note the “Right, Pete?”, and what is left of the gates.

  3. Shaenon, Mell is beating up St. Peter (notice the word balloon saying, “Right, Pete?”).  God knows kung fu.  He knows everything, actually.

    I also like that Mell has a Holy Hand Grenade.

  4. Outgunned by Nerdberger, roughed up by a gerbil, and now her own boyfriend is claiming that she’s not even a main character. Mell just can’t catch a break this week.


    Am I allowed to submit a comment that doesn’t mention that it’s St. Peter that Mell’s beating up?

  5. Possibly. If you point out that that’s a worm (from Worms, evidently) in the background. With wings. Evidently, he got a holy hand grenade to the face, and is not relishing another.

    So… does that make it a Worms reference, or a double-reference? How odd.

  6. Helen and Mell’s faces look off in the creepy picture… but Dave looks absolutely perfect and I think he’s going to kill me in my sleep tonight. *shudder*

  7. The Angelworm *has* to be from the Fredric Brown story in which God’s linotype machine starts putting the “e” in the wrong place at intervals. Angleworm becomes angelworm…

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