The Art of Tamara Fougner and Mee-Lise Robinson

Oh, great. The second Art Day strip, and I’m already straining to think of ways to dress the characters. I’m not very creative with clothes. These are cute, though, especially Helen swapping out her rose-colored glasses for black ones. Helen’s got her 6.02×10^23 mole mug again. I should’ve drawn that more often.

Tamara and Mee-Lise were both college friends. They’d also both appeared in Sunday features before at this point: Tamara as the creator of the Narbonic icons in last week’s strip, and Mee-Lise as the author of the “Love Theme from ‘Narbonic.'”

I don’t know if my drawing of the sixth-grade Helen is properly in continuity or whatever, but it’s pretty consistent with other drawings of the younger Helen that I’ve done. Of course, we’ll all get to see Dave in high school eventually, as per Helen’s threat.

Mee-Lise’s manga drawing of Mell actually looks kind of like Zeta, who hasn’t appeared yet, but will eventually team up with ANTONIO SMITH, FORENSIC LINGUIST.

9 thoughts on “The Art of Tamara Fougner and Mee-Lise Robinson

  1. Awwwwwwwww.

    Even more adorable: the idea that Mell is being so thoroughly fisticuffed behind that photo that she needs Dave’s help.

    But not one mention of Helen’s T-shirt? For shame! Now I’ll never know what this “NKOTB” is.

  2. I’d guess it’s “New Kids on the Block”. I remember them being some kind of boy band, possibly from Australia.

  3. I like that not only are the “click here” links working now,but each page of the comic gets its own comment thread!

  4. Definitely New Kids, considering the “Hangin’ Tough”.  (Kids: ask your parents.)  And they were Americans I’m afraid; we have to take the blame.

  5. I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm on Leon’s part.

     (The best thing about the not-Zeta picture is that the dude in the shot with her could be interpreted as ANTONIO SMITH, given his overcoat and all. I mean, it probably /isn’t/ him, but hey.)

  6. Dave looks bizzarely like Davan from Something Positive there…. There is a similarity, down trodden guys with violent and dangerous female friends…

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