4 thoughts on “Summer Gerbil Contest

  1. (TUNE: Theme to “Beany & Cecil”)

    Take your gerbils
    And put them to the test!
    Just have them sail the seven seas
    Or climb Mt. Ev-er-est!

    So guys and chicks, send in your pics!
    Though Speedy is assured
    As the fastest, bravest, most extreme
    (And cutest too!)
    Ger-bil in the wo-OOOOORLD!!

  2. I’m late with these comments because Speedy and I just returned from Bonneville.  He got some more 300+mph rides on the Buckeye Bullet, and some really fast rides on a Brazilian Stock car.  Back in a couple of weeks to see if he can’t get another 400+ mph ride.

    This is the first strip where Speedy had a name.   I don’t remember any specifics why I picked that name, but it seemed to fit.  The photo was of a lab I had during my final semester of college.  I’d walked past this room hundreds of times but didn’t suspect that it looked like this inside.  I have no idea what the apparatus Speedy is sitting on, does.  I worked on the orange piping in background.   I was a bit nervous shooting the photos in secret.  Now It wouldn’t bother me.  

  3. Wow, I used to watch Beany & Cecil on Laserdisc when I was 4-5 years old, at least I THINK that was the age range. I could even have been younger, but I can’t remember anything other than the fact that it was my MOSTEST FAVORITE SHOW EVAR! At least at the time… Now I feel old… Where’s some of that Anti-Aging serum Helen’s been spiking the coffee with?

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