Rogue Journalist: The Art of Fabio Fernandes, Dirk Tiede, and a Special Museum Piece by Scott McCloud

Man, these illustrations are all adorable. I should have tried to see if I could get that pillar decoration, because that thing is friggin cute. Mell is doing the Batusi with Claire of Dylan Meconis’s Bite Me! That is awesome! Ah, great times for webcomics.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I always kind of imagined that the Sunday versions of Helen and Dave are dating, or possibly married. Kind of like how Kermit and Miss Piggy are generally an item in the “offscreen” glimpses of the Muppets.

11 thoughts on “Rogue Journalist: The Art of Fabio Fernandes, Dirk Tiede, and a Special Museum Piece by Scott McCloud

  1. I agree with SIB (I’m a poet and don’t know it!), but I find it hard to believe that Helen would wear the goggles over her glasses.  I would think that she’d have some prescription lenses built into the safety goggles.  Yes, it’s crazy, which is why Helen would do it … or Dave would do it for her.

  2. I’d agree with that. She should also have the Professor Branestawm thing, where when she’s wearing her prescription goggles, her glasses are balanced on her forehead. And vice versa.

  3. Nah.  I wear the same pair of glasses pretty much every waking hour of every day of my life.  Taking them off to put goggles on would be just *weird*.  (OTOH, I’m a guy.)

  4. Back in science class I always wore goggles over my glasses. Does Helen really need hers to see, anyway? They’re so far down… I guess she used to wear contacts, though.

  5. Patrick Farley’s comics were tragically offline for a long time, but “Apocamon” and some other classics are now back up at The one major Farley comic that’s still unavailable is “Delta Thrives.”

  6. I just kind of figured that Helen’s irritation with Dave talking about other women and their garbonzos in this one was just spillover from the daily strips on either side.

    (Hey, Dave, tell us about Lovelace’s garbonzos! That’ll go over well with Helen!)

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