Random Artwork

This Sunday, I thought I’d show off some of my other current artwork (mainly, alas, because drawing all these other illustrations has left me with no time to do a proper Sunday strip). This is a T-shirt design I created for a band called Heavy Petting Zoo.

This here is a CD cover I drew for Dave Barker, moderator of the Narbonic mailing list and Helen’s arch-nemesis, who had better get back to me and tell me whether he received the original in the mail yet. I’ve got my eye on you, Barker.

Meanwhile, the Nice is reorganizing its directory of comics. I drew this Narbonic cast picture for the upcoming Nice homepage. It will be great! Trust me!

Finally, for the new Nice site, I also drew a self-portrait. Aren’t I adorable?

Yeah, miscellaneous filler art. I don’t think the Heavy Petting Zoo logo was ever used for anything. I drew a bunch of versions but never got it to come out right. I think I was required to include a hedgehog, and I’m pretty bad at drawing hedgehogs. I still like that devil in the foreground of the thing I drew for Barker, though. That is one sweet devil.

I drew stuff for The Nice, a very mild-mannered webcomics collective, on a fairly regular basis at this time. I think Narbonic is technically still part of it, but I’m not really active with them anymore. I just moved my message board off the Nice forums last week because they’ve been having tech support issues, so I guess it’s the end of an era for me. Thanks for letting me hang around all these years, The Nice.

I used that bio image on all sorts of things for years because I was too lazy to draw another one.

10 thoughts on “Random Artwork

  1. Uhh… I think I just learned that I’ve been pronouncing Uruguay wrong for many years now.

  2. It’s oo-roo-gwy, but if you say yoo-roo(/rah)-gway don’t sweat it that much… That’s basically the English language name, it’s less like asking for a plate of fa-gee-tas than like calling deutschland ‘germany.’

    As for the prefix ur-… I honestly have no clue. I looked it up in no less than three dictionaries, and for some maddening reason none of them had pronunciation guides. It’s from German, though, so  let that guide you if it means anything to you.

  3. Heavy Petting Zoo: Nice chicks, Shaenon. Heavy petting only 50c?

    Infinite Buffet: If I were Mr. Barker, I’d hesitate, too. Is that dave, about sixth back in line?

    Self-portrait: No, you are not adorable. You are cute. An evil cartoonist should know the difference.
    Ed Wells, 19 Nov. 2001.

  4. 1) The hedgehog IS cute — Cuteness Personified!!

    2) That’s Dave in line all right, with Mel and Helen. The girl behind him looks suspiciously like his college girlfriend.

    3) Is that Dave Barker standing between Shaenon and Andrew? If so, that sad expression on Andrew’s face may not result entirely from the propect of being consumed.

  5. “If you want to pronounce the prefix correctly, you will have to pronounce it ‘oor-‘, like in ‘moor’ or ‘boor’.”

    Source: some guy on Google Answers.

    It seems I’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly in my brain–I always thought it rhymed with “fur.” 

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