Neathery Week-and-a-Half, Continued

Guest commentary by Aaron Neathery:

EVIL!!  EVIL!!!  EEEEVIIILLL!  Dave’s attraction to Helen is cut short as the bodies accumulate.  In the original month-long Albert outline, this kind of carnage would have gradually been built up to.  The question of whether or not it’s actually murder to sell a lethal product as long as you openly announce that it’s lethal is underscored by the cigarette hanging out of Dave’s mouth.  However, by her own terms, Helen has committed at least one definite murder by this point: the consumer in strip five.  Ah, well.

9 thoughts on “Neathery Week-and-a-Half, Continued

  1. Poor, poor Dave seems to have gained twenty years since the beginning of this storyline. If this amount of horror keeps up, the poor guy will be in his grave by the end of the year.

    Mell’s head… seems a little overly large in this rendition?

    Instances of “EVIL!! EVIL!!! EEEEVIIILLL!”: 1. And about time, too!

  2. The goofy grin on the corpse’s face suggests, to me, that this stuff tastes marvellously good. I think people really would buy it.

  3. The goofy grin on the corpse’s face… reminds me of a classic SF short story, where somebody figured out how to use biofeedback to teach people how to activate their own pleasure centers.  Naturally, that spread like wildfire… wasn’t fatal, but the folks weren’t much interested in doing anything else!  (Until….)

  4. David Harmon: I remember that story… that was used as a murder method, when a guy was “plugged in” against his will… but by the time he knew what was happening, he was too artifically “happy” do do anything about it…


    In any case “The Goofy Grin on The Corpse’s Face” shoulds like a title for a Republic serial episode… If Narbonic ever makes a comeback, that totally needs to be a chapter title. ^_^

  5. Leon: There was another “Evil, Evil, Evil!” from Dave’s good sprite while he was considerign the job. (I don’t know if it needs Es to count.)

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