Narbonicon Pictures

You know, in retrospect, it was pretty weird that this happened.

Narbonicon was the work of some very nice people in Minnesota who decided they wanted to fly me there to hang out with them. Andrew went with me because of the admittedly high possibility that this was some kind of “Misery” thing. But it wasn’t! It was a lot of fun, and we ended up doing it not only in 2004, but every year until Narbonic ended. I got to meet a lot of great people, including my current Skin Horse collaborator Jeffrey Wells. The link to Dirk’s site no longer seems to work, alas, but rest assured it was a time.

So thanks again, Narbonicon organizers and attendees!

…Wow, if Andrew and I had broken up in the last seven years, these photos would be really depressing.

9 thoughts on “Narbonicon Pictures

  1. (Leon, I think she’s referring to the saying that “Misery loves company.”)

    I’m curious. Why did Narbonicons stop when Narbonic First Run did? Star Trek fanstuff didn’t stop when Classic Trek ended.

  2. (TUNE: “Hooray For Hollywood”, Richard Whiting & Johnny Mercer)

    Hooray, Narbonicon!
    It really helped me get my happy on!
    The giant mall way up in Minnesota
    We hadda go ta,
    To meet our worshipful throng!
    We did some practice vow-ing!
    The fans were wow-ing!
    Then J.C. Wells sang his Battle Song!

    Hooray, Narbonicon!
    We ate and drank and talked until the dawn!
    ‘Twas such a great event, repeated yearly!
    We loved it dearly!
    It’s sad to think that it’s gone!
    Still, that was fun to do!
    (Why not Skin Horse, too?)
    Hooray, Narbonicon!

  3. Jon, I think Star Trek fan stuff didn’t even start until well after the series ended.  That whole fandom grew up around reruns of the show in the ’70’s.

  4. @seaking Incorrect. The fandom was instrumental in getting TOS uncancelled for its third season. It’s true that it did not take on its present form until syndication in the 1970s, however.(Why do I know these things when I hate all things Trek? Know your enemy, I guess.)

  5. Heh.  I LOLed at the “Andrew accompanying” comment.  You probably don’t remember me, but a few years ago I came to SanFran for some training, and took you (and your bodyguard Andrew) out to dinner.  I was so nervous about meeting an idol of mine, I’m sure I didn’t make too much sense.  And I could tell that Andrew was ready to karate-chop my neck at any time, if I showed signs of The Crazy… Anyway, I had a blast, and I still have the signed Narbonic books I got from you – my kids love ’em.  Well, so do I, but you know what I mean.

  6. Reading your comic is _so much weirder_ now that I know people you know –Dirk in this case, and he looks adorable (and young!) 

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