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Aw, man, now I’m all nostalgic for Narbonicon. In addition to Jonathan Towne, creator of Titus Misanthropie, you can see my future Skin Horse collaborator Jeff Wells in some of these pictures. He’s the very tall one.

The Bakken Museum of Electricity is really, really cool, and I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the Twin Cities. When the Narbonicon group toured it, there was an exhibit all about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein, obviously a key cultural touchstone for Narbonic.

Andrew’s T-shirt is something that I made for him after a local newspaper referred to him as one of the comics industry’s “starmakers.” He usually refuses to wear it in public. I will never understand that guy.

Also, how sweet a guy is Dirk Tiede? He went to my convention and everything. Go enjoy Paradigm Shift, where he puts his wolf research to use, right now.

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  1.             Greetings, Narbonic and Skin Horse fanatics: I’m so jealous when I see pictures from the old Narbonicons.  I’d love to revive them, and expand them to include Skin Horse.  Jeff and Shaenon, what do you think?  When would be a good time?
                I’d be happy to host here in the Los Angeles area, and we could put up Jess and Shaenon (and Andrew and Feech).  I don’t know, though, how convenient California would be for most attendees.  (James Rice is local, but he’s usually off adventuring somewhere.)  Are the rest of y’all interested?  If so, where should it be?  I’d also love to hear from Narbonicon attendees what fun activities you did (besides visiting the Mall of America and eat at Hell’s Kitchen).
                The name: even though it’s the same universe, Narbonicon seems a bit narrow.  Some ideas: Shaenonandon, Shaenonicon, The Wells and Garrity Singularity, J and S Fans Coalesce, The Garrity and Wells Fan Cartels, The JC/SK Getaway, The Friends of Artie, The JCW/SKG Pink Chablis Jamboree . . . surely someone has a better idea!

  2. Man, if there was another get-together in Minneapolis, you better believe I would be there for it.

  3. @Kay: How about DermEquuCon?  (pronounced “derm-EK-u-con” … derma = skin, equus = horse)

    I’d vote for a midwestern location, to make it easier for more people to get there.  Readers, what are some good mad-sciencey attractions in the midwest?

  4. Despite what it seems, the odds of me being in town on any given weekend, are actually slightly greater than 50%.  July is usually a good month.   I’d be happy to help any way I could. 

    – James Rice

  5. There’s discussion of this going on in the Skin Horse comments right now, if anyone’s interested.

  6. Since there seems to be an interest in reviving the annual Narbonicon (with a new name), I thought I’d start a comment thread on the Forum, where readers of Narbonic and Skin Horse can brainstorm together.  The title is “Crossover Con.”
                I’ve reposted my first comment, along with the comments from both strips so far.  Would y’all mind posting your follow-ups to the Forum?
                There seems to be a desire to be middly rather than coasty, so more people can attend, with some intriguing lobbying for Indianapolis and San Antonio.  The readers abroad would be welcome: then again, they might want to host their own Con in D?sseldorf (because it’s fun to say).
                Readers have suggested next April-May and July, but that really turns on when Jeff and Shaenon could be available.

  7. I’d be extremely interested, but it’s a tricky issue getting anywhere for me! I do not drive and am a San Franciscan, though if it coincided with one of my trips to Los Angeles, that could also work. Or I could Greyhound.

    Technological solution: Mass video Con-ference, where each of us sets up a webcam, along with enough props to make it appear as if we live inside of some kind of evil laboratory. This is a little weak, but has two advantages. First, it requires no flight, and second, it provides ample camouflage for the genuine mad scientists among the readership.

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