Narbonic Movie Posters

I drew these pretty quickly, mostly while sitting at a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive, but they were fun to do and they turned out reasonably well. Check out that lens flare! Thank you, Photoshop!

Even though “Phantom Menace” sucked, I still think it’s a rad poster. I wish the movies had been as good as the poster. Actually, I don’t have strong anti-“Phantom Menace” feelings, mainly because I didn’t see it until it had been out for months (I was in Ireland at the time) and then I saw it at a drive-in theater and made out with my boyfriend the whole time.

11 thoughts on “Narbonic Movie Posters

  1. Man. I’m gonna try that next time I watch the Phantom Menace.

    And I’m totally with you about the poster. This is definitely my favorite parody, too.

    Is the first one a spoof of anything specific?

  2. Given the chainsaw hand and the “boomstick”, I’d call that first one an Army of Darkness reference.

  3. A note to Jeff Wells:  Yes, please feel free to use the “Second Life” idea for your own evile plans.  (To paraphrase Helen, “Golly, I feel just like a Bond villain’s henchman!”  Mwahahaha…)


  4. Y’know, that helen poster is a lot more menacing now that we know about her past, and the madness resarch and the Tinasky thingy and everything. . . .

    *shiver* brrrrr, 

    ((mmmmmmm. Chainsaw.)) 

  5. Wow, imagine if the people who created Lego Star Wars had really been in charge of Episode I, II, & III.  I bet I would have enjoyed that.

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