Narbonic Is Two Years Old!

That’s a pretty accurate representation of my appearance at the time, right down to the faded jeans with a hole in the knee. Man, I loved those jeans. I’m wearing a Modern Tales T-shirt; Andrew is wearing a shirt with his own drawing of Mell from back in the day. We never sold these shirts, but we made a pair for ourselves for the Alternative Press Expo one year.

Okay, reader art! First, I want to apologize to everyone who’s sent me stuff and hasn’t seen it up yet. I’m way behind on posting bonus material. But I really love getting art, photos, musical compositions, and so on; it’s hugely touching and makes me think for a fleeting moment that my life hasn’t been a total waste. Anyway, this comic is by Ed Gedeon, who also does a ton of art for Skin Horse.

Ed writes, “A while back, in the comments section for ‘Director’s Cut,’ I said something along the lines of ‘I heart Mell; Mell club me’…which got me to thinking, could I get the rest of the card suits involved? Anyway, my fevered little brain came up with the attached little scene, in which I express my feelings for Mell, and she does the same for me.”

And so she does. Thanks, Ed!

3 thoughts on “Narbonic Is Two Years Old!

  1. Most days, I think it’s a shame that my wife doesn’t share my interest in webcomics.  Days like today, I’m kinda glad she doesn’t.

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