More Madblood Battle Anthems

Man, the Battle Anthems were great. I didn’t have to come up with new Sunday features for weeks.

Parke Matru was a regular at the Narbonicons. Hi, Parke Matru!

Mee-Lise is a friend from college who shows up more than once in the Sunday features. This is one of my favorites of the borders I collected for the song sheets. I mean, it’s got squirrels.

This seems like it would be a difficult tune to sing and march to, but when a robot army bears down on you singling any track from Abby Road, man, you run.

Now this is a natural choice for a robot battle anthem tune. For the purposes of the strip, I favored original tunes over parodies in the contest, but I did like seeing which tunes people selected to riff on. I’m similarly awed and baffled by the various filks going on in the Narbonic and Skin Horse comments these days. I’ve long given up on trying to understand anything my comics inspire.

Excuse me, but how great was Dana for writing out musical notation for this anthem? Pretty great, that’s all I can say. It was delightful to see what language people came up with to pay tribute to Madblood’s genius, and “Helen Narbon in a thong” ranks high among my favorite examples.

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  1. So what’s evil about Helen Narbon in a thong? (Aside from the strategically placed little pink heart, of course….) We wants illustration!

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